Cyclamen alpinum


C. alpinum is from Turkey. It used to be called C. trochopteranthum which I think means like a windmill which is a good description of it's most obvious feature. Unfortunately C.alpinum  was the prior name and so we need to stick with that. At least I can spell it without looking it up!

More about Cyclamen Alpinum


I’ve seen several plants on the net under this name which are actually Cyclamen coum. There are a number of forms of coum where the flowers don’t fully reflex so that is not always a reliable indicator. However, the leaves tend to look like C. cilicium's, the flowers usually are honey scented and have a solid basal blotch with no paler “eye”.  

I didn’t find it an easy plant to grow here in my current location. It used to grow well in my previous greenhouse. I find that I give it water and it then suffers from mould. I keep it dry and there are only a few leaves and flowers. It's said it grows on serpentine rock soil and that tends to include a lot of base metals which inhibits fungus and therefore in normal soils it's much more prone to issues. I don't know if that is true.

A few years back I started growing a few plants in a frame. The plants are a lot wetter but get a lot more fresh air. They seem to be much happier under those circumstances and I’ve now moved all my plants out of the greenhouse except the youngest seedlings. 

The flowers appear in the winter and vary from white with a basal blotch through pale pinks to magenta.


A pale pink form of C.alpinum.