Cyclamen creticum

A small spring flowering plant, very fragrant, usually pure white, but there is a pale pink form. 

More about Cyclamen creticum


Back in the 70s when I started collecting Cyclamen this was one of the rarer and more expensive ones. It is more common now but other than the Cyclamen Society Seed Exchange it can still be a challenge to find it. 

Cyclamen creticum is similar to C. balearicum and with various hybrids doing the rounds I've been very conservative in assigning the name to seedlings.  The ones that fit the description best are those from a Cyclamen Society collection from the 90s. Alas these never set seed and are starting to show their age.  It's not an easy species but one I'm very fond of.



Not sure if this is simply a larger Cyclamen creticum or a hybrid.