Cyclamen from seed

 Virtually all my plants have been grown from seed. To me it's by far the best way of building your Cyclamen collection.

More about Growing cyclamen from seed

  There are several reasons I believe this;

1. Bought tubers mail order unless they are in pots tend to take longer to settle. Even then you only have one and it's in someone else's compost. Adjusting watering to different composts can be tricky.

2. Seed is much cheaper.

3. Cyclamen tend to vary from seed so you get more plants and a greater variety.

4. It is often easier to get seed than tubers of the rarer varieties.

Seed is best sown ripe but if you are getting it from a seed exchange or buying it then it will have dried. The seeds have a built in germination inhibitor and if they are dried it can be hard to break their dormancy.

I use a method which is based on the Reading method.


Cyclamen balearicum seeds soaking.