Cyclamen parviflorum


A tiny coum like plant from the Pontus mountains in Turkey.  

More about Cyclamen parviflorum

All the plants I have seen have plain round leaves, shiny or matt and the flower has a solid basal blotch. There is also a larger plant, given the name of “subalpinum”.

I still have several parviflorum seedlings from 1990 in a single 5 inch pot. These weren’t given any collection numbers because the plants were all so uniform in the surveyed locations. Only recently managed to get a couple of pods of seed off it. I think I sent a few seeds to the Cyclamen Society seed exchange, the rest I sowed and I have a few seedlings from that. I have a couple of other sowings, one is very similar, the other produces (rarely) a whitish flower with almost a blue blotch.  

Sadly much of the seed I've received in exchanges turned out to be normal C.coum.


A slightly different form with shiny leaves and pale flowers