Cyclamen persicum


Another one of the glories of it’s race, but also probably the most tender.

More about Cyclamen persicum


Cyclamen persicum comes from the eastern end of the Mediterranean. Quite distinct with large elegant flowers in the winter and spring, pure white, white with a pink nose through to dark pinks. The leaves vary and can be very fine. It shows it’s difference from all other species (apart from C.somalense of which there are only a handful of plants in cultivation) in that the flower stalks don’t coil when the seed matures.

Although there are said to be a few high altitude forms that are cold hardy I keep mine in the greenhouse although there are some escapees which are out in the frames. 

Interestingly there is a small population of plants in Israel that flowers without leaves in autumn (var autumnale). Decades ago I visited Peter Moore and noticed he had some plants of this variety – he sold it to me on the condition that I didn’t come back if it only flowered in the spring. The problem is that even those these were true var autumnale they only flower in autumn under the right conditions. It seems that the particular population experiences very high temperatures and low rainfall, given any other treatment they flower in the spring. So of course the plant flowered spring. I got seed from it and after distributing most I had a few for myself. Time to get tough with them, but whatever I did they flowered in spring. Then in 2019 I saw a Cyclamen in flower under the benching, growing in a sand bed. It must be a third or fourth generation seedling. I’m hoping I can get seed from it and distribute more.   


Unlike other Cyclamen, persicum's seed stalks don't coil.