Cyclamen purpurascens


One of the species I've seen several times in the wild in Slovenia and Italy. 

More about Cyclamen purpurascens


Although it is widely distributed and grows generally in subalpine woodland, where it is more or less evergreen, but I’ve never found it very easy to grow in the UK. I have had some great plants in the greenhouse in full sun (!) and some outside. I'm now trying it in shade in the greenhouse because the newer plants I am growing don't seem to like the sun. I also have some in a frame and one pot in a shady sand bed. So far I have found Cyclamen colchicum much easier, better germination, better general growth and flowering.

There is a pure white form that I have never succeeded in raising from seed, there are also some nice leaf forms, varying from plain, to boldly marked to completely silver. I have one tuber from a 1980 collection, it has gone through some ups and downs but has survived.


An odd silver leaved form with very pale flowers.