Cyclamen x hildebrandii


First described in 1955 this hybrid is an intermediate between it's two parents. Given that it’s parents are very similar this can muddy the waters considerably.

More about Cyclamen x hildebrandii


Do I really have this plant? Well I certainly have raised seed labelled x hildebrandii and they certainly present as a slightly stiffer version of C.hederifolium but I can’t be sure. I find this to be a very easy going plant although I have yet to try it outside because I really don’t know how tender it is. 

In the greenhouse it is as easy as C.africanum but perhaps is less prone to rot if kept too wet. 

Many years ago I obtained seed labelled "Cyclamen africanum album". It seems other people have it and at least three of us have come independently to the conclusion that is actually a white form of this hybrid.


The white form of this hybrid?